Ballance School Board of Trustees 

Like all schools in New Zealand, Ballance School is governed by a board of trustees who set policy and guide management in implementation of the curriculum and establishment of the learning environment as outlined by the Ministry of Education and local community.

Our dedicated Board members meet twice a term to  discuss matters such as the school's strategic direction, finances, property, administration, health and safety, curriculum and providing quality education.

If parents or caregivers have questions or concerns they would like raised please contact the Principal Brenda Sutton or any board member who can assist you with this process. 

Board minutes, agendas and policies are available at the office to view.

Board Chairperson - Catherine Mabey

Principal - Brenda Sutton ​​​​​​​

Parent Representives 

Ronald King -  Finance​​​​​​​

Helen Vickers - - Fundraising

Dirk Wheeler - - Property

Minutes Secretary ​​​​​​​ - Hannah Spiers