Our Values underpin our school culture and philosophy.  

They influence our decision making and are expressed in the ways we think and act.

At Ballance School, we nurture and value Respect so our children grow into inquiring thinkers who can adapt and succeed in a changing global society.

Our Values

  • Responsibility – Managing self, Relating to others, Participating & Contributing

  • Enthusiasm – Participating & Contributing

  • Strength – Managing Self

  • Perseverance – Managing Self

  • Empathy – Thinking, Paticipating & Contributing, Relating to Others

  • Creativity - Thinking

  • Teamwork –  Relating to Others, Participating & Contributing

At Ballance School we also value:

Community, Whanaungatanga, by:

  • Learning and recognising the community’s input into our school
  • Having an awareness of place in the community
  • Being actively involved and participating within our community

Respect, Manaakitanga, for:

  • Self – personal pride, integrity, courtesy
  • Others – understand that all people think, feel and act differently; inclusion; empathy; appreciating uniqueness 
  • The environment – care and sustainability

Personal Excellence, Hiranga by:

  • Aiming high
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Persevering through difficulties
  • Motivation to give 100% effort