Tena Koutou Katoa

Ko Tararua tōku munga

Ko Mangahoe tōku awa

Ko Ballance tōku

Ko Sutton tōku whānau

Ko Brenda tōku ingoa

I am privileged to hold the position of principal at Ballance School. My passion is teaching and learning in a rural setting. At Ballance School we have an enriched localised curriculum with a focus on our outdoor learning areas, kids edible gardens and enviro-schools.

We are a small, very proud, and hold high expectations for our tamariki.  The Board of Trustees have set targets around writing and math this year alongside, well being and cultural responsiveness. These tie in with the Tararua Kāhui Ako of which we are a member of.

We aim for our tamariki to become independent learners who show whakaute/respect through self managment, particpation and contribution, relating to others and using  critical thinking skills.

We welcome new students to our school, we have a open door policy for our parents and whānau and wider community. Once your child turns four we love  start school visits for half a day once a week, increasing as they become accustomed  our routines and the learning environment.

Please feel free to as any question should they arise when reading this.

Ka Kite Brenda